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What is your style and vision as a photographer?


My photography is mix of Contemporary, Classic, & Photojournalism styles which allow me to be your eyes capturing the emotion and details of your great day.


I’m a visual storyteller and I will be honored to be witness of your love and be part of the beginning of the story of a new family.  Each image, each photo I create for you capture the love you express for each other and the emotions it caused to your relatives and friends who are cherishing and celebrating you both on your wedding day.


"We capture those special moments in tangible memories for a lifetime."



What is your work style?

I will be always available to answer your questions, and guide you during the planning process regarding my services and during your wedding day. I like to work as a team with your wedding coordinator and other service providers due to in some way we all will interact during the wedding. Everything need to be clear, always I provide a contract with all the included services detailed with terms and conditions in order to avoid any misunderstanding. 



Is post-processing and/or editing of the photographs included in your service?


Always!  A professional photographer must post-process all the photographs for physical and digital mediums such as albums, prints and digital files ordered by the client.  Editing photographs are done only if necessary to keep the quality of the product to be delivered.



Who make the post-processing and/or editing of the photographs?


In addition to be a photographer, I’m also the post-processing and editing professional who takes care of enhancing your photos, applying knowledge and techniques to make each photo a piece of art.



Will we have both black & white, and color photographs?


I take all photographs in color but I can convert all or some of them in to black and white if you prefer.  In order to make albums more dynamic and appealing, I usually include some black and white photos on the album, but most photos are in color.  Also, framed prints can be ordered in color or black and white.



What is commonly found in your base wedding photography service?

  • Wedding photography up to 12 hours coverage included in price.  Other photographers offer a 6 or 8 hours services and you must pay for additional hours if needed.  In my case, I don’t want to photograph your faces stressed by the clock.  And you won’t need to pay more for additional time; an up to 12 hours coverage is a great deal and more than enough for a typical wedding in the western world.

  • A photography and lighting assistant.

  • Love Story, or Engagement, or Save the Date photo session.

  • Private web link for photo samples.

  • CD or DVD with the digital photos included in the album.

  • 16” x 20” Framed Print.



What other services do you offer?

In addition to Wedding Photography, I offer the following services:







  • Love Story Session:

Tell your love story in photographs in a romantic and/or fun way.

  • Engagement Session:

Immortalize the moment of your engagement.

  • Save-the-Date Session:

Send photo-invitations (digital or print) to your guests so they can reserve the date of your event.

  • Pre-Sweet Sixteen or Pre-Quinceañero Session:

Private and exclusive photo session for the young lady at natural or urban outdoors.

  • Pre-Graduation Session:

Private and exclusive photo session for graduating student at natural or urban outdoors.



Portraits printed during the event.



What photography items do you offer?


I offer lay-flat photo albums, canvas, framed prints, and digital files on CD, or DVD, online.

Why a wedding photo album?


A wedding album has its own magic. The feel, weight, colors, textures, and sizes are perceived by our senses in a more gratifying way than digital photos. A photo album is a physical piece, a book of memories that becomes your family legacy for your children, grandchildren, and so on. Also, the best way to preserve memories of the splendor of your big day is in a wedding album.


"We capture those special moments in tangible memories for a lifetime."

After all, the only things you can take home will be your spouse, (and from everything you paid for to have that spectacular day) your rings, your memories (in your mind) and your memories in a tangible piece of art as  the wedding album, which will last a lifetime and will be part of the family history.


The rings, the wedding album, and your honeymoon trip are an investment in you both that will last a lifetime, everything else are necessary expenses that won't last more than your wedding day.


Do I need a 2nd photographer?

All depend on the type of event.  It is great way of enhancing the coverage of your wedding specially to take photos of the bride and the groom at the same time, for example: when the bride is walking down the aisle while the groom sees her.  To capture the emotions expressed by both of you at the same time, or if need to take photographs at two different places far away at the same time of the day, a second photographer would be very useful.



What is your payment schedule?

Book your wedding date with the required reservation fee stated in your contract. Remaining balance has to be cleared before the day of the wedding.  You can make monthly payments or pay the remaining balance on or before the wedding day.



Do you accept credit cards as a form of payment?

Yes, I do accept credit or debit cards, but through a PayPal account, you must have an account with PayPal and have your card tied to that account.  Also, I accept ATH Móvil, Checks or Cash.


Do you speak English?

Yes!  I’m bilingual, my first language is Spanish and my second language is English.

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